Camping Arrival

Welcome camper!  Ready to go set up?  Use this guide to get to your site and get set up correctly.

NEED CAMPING?  Ask staff for help.  During off hours, look in the brochure box to find the list of currently open sites, legibly write your name into one of the open sites, and write "IOU" next to it.  Pay for it at your first chance at the event store the next morning.  

FIND YOUR SITE:  The event programs have a map to help locate your camping section.  Within each row of K, J, H and F the sites are numbered lowest to highest, north to south.  Stick to the outside roads and when passing to the interior areas observe a strict 10mph speed limit.  There are a lot of people around!  Stay alert and drive slowly. 

SITE SETUP:  Sites are marked with a stake that has your site ID on it.  Find your site as marked and then set up to the right of your stake.  If you do not set up in the correct site, you will be asked to move. *A51 sites are not marked. Any 24'x30' plot of land in this section is your site if you reserve in this section*

SHARED UTILITIES:  All sites have shared power and many/most have shared water.  You may need 100' of hose or extension cable to reach the nearest hookup. If you hook up to power/water you need to do so on a splitter to share.

EMERGENCIES:  In case of emergency, call 911 immediatelyAfter calling 911, please try to alert event staff so we can help guide emergency vehicles and first responders.

Fulton County Health Department Requirements:  Within the same campsite multiple tents and/or RVs must be at least 5 feet apart.  Between adjacent campsites tents and/or RVs must be at least 15 feet apart (from your neighbor's tent/RV).  One RV and Two Tents, OR Three Tents per site max.  We get inspected, violators must move.

Contained COOKING FIRES (fire-ring, rock circle, barricade with extra firewood) are permitted in campsites.  You may be asked to move or extinguish your fire if determined to be hazardous.  Refer to the grounds map to purchase firewood

Parking is permitted in your campsite only.  Do not park on the roads (violators will be ticketed by the sheriff) or encroach onto other camper’s sites.

Showers and restrooms available throughout the venue. Showers are limited in number & first come, first served.

Alcohol is permitted in your personal campsite and at Area 51 only.  Guests who engage in or encourage underage drinking will be asked to leave and/or face criminal penalties.  21 is the legal drinking age in Ohio.  Guests who engaged in driving under the influence may be asked to leave and/or face criminal penalties.  It is not legal to drink and drive on the event grounds or off the event grounds.

Quiet Hours in the general camping areas are observed from 10pm-7am daily.  Music, talking, and general rambunctiousness is welcome 24 hours a day in Area 51.  Please respect your neighbors in main camping.

You are responsible for your own conduct at MWGB.  Violators of any state or federal laws are solely responsible for any penalties.  If you witness illegal activities or are a victim of a crime while at MWGB, contact the Fulton County Sheriff by dialing 911 or for non-emergency complaints dial (419) 335-4010.