Feather Road GeoTour




This year, as part of Midwest Geobash 2022, we've created a 15 cache GeoTour around Northwest Ohio exploring local towns and communities that have been great supporters of Midwest Geobash over the last 18 years. This GeoTour is designed to be a fun and simple caching experience in rural Northwest Ohio that can be completed in a single day or less.

Each geocache is a simple trivia question you'll need to answer using a bit of MWGB history. All of the information can be found on the website, and as you'll see, the trivia question is quite simple. Once you've determined the cache location, visit the cache location, sign the log book, and make note of the code word on the log sheet to record on your GeoTour passport. (see below)

Once you've found all 15 geocaches on the tour, you'll be rewarded with a unique digital souvenir for your geocaching.com profile, and you'll have the opportunity to earn a collectible, trackable Feather Road  GeoTour Geocoin (while supplies last).

You can pick up your passport at the Midwest Geobash event info center Wednesday-Saturday July 20-23, 2022. After that, passports will be available to print on our website at feather.mwgb.org

You can redeem your completed passport for a collectible, trackable Feather Road GeoTour Geocoin at the MWGB Event store Thursday July 21 (10a-5pm), Friday July 22 (10a-5p), Saturday July 23 (10a-3p).


NOTE: We have run out of our supply of GeoTour geocoins as of Sunday 7/24/22. We are still discussing next steps for participants to get a geocoin prize for completing the tour. Check back for additional details in the coming weeks.


(This page will be updated with a link to the GeoTour passport for printing after completion of MWGB 2022. We will also provide details on this page of how to redeem your passport for a GeoTour coin after MWGB 2022 if coins are still available.)


For a complete list of available geocaches as part of the GeoTour, visit the official GeoTour page on geocaching.com here:



or search for GT4C6 on the official geocaching app on your mobile device.



The Feather Road GeoTour will launch on Thursday July 21, 2022 at 10AM ET and the geocaches will remain available until July 2023. GeoTour geocoins will be available for completing the tour while supplies last.