If you are interested in being a vendor please see our vendor policies for information on how to apply.  Below is a layout of Spangler Arena.  Vendors are arranged on the wall with the cement pad and are open during posted Flea Market hours.  A list of confirmed vendors is below.

Bold = confirmed vendors

Section 1

  1. Middletown Visitors Bureau
  2. Ohio Geocaching Association
  3. Michigan Geocaching Organization
  4. Space Coast Geocaching Store
  5. Space Coast Geocaching Store
  6. Space Coast Geocaching Store
  7. ArtEdCraftEd
  8. ArtEdCraftEd


Section 2

  1. -
  2. DPH Games
  3. Red Hat
  4. Red Hat
  5. Drives Cache Closet
  6. Drives Cache Closet
  7. Drives Cache Closet
  8. Drives Cache Closet