Vending At MWGB

Register As A Vendor

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your needs and confirm your payment.   Prior to contacting us, please be sure to read this entire page.  Vending space priority is as follows:  1) Confirmed Sponsors 2) Previous Year Confirmed Vendors 3) Everyone else will be assigned space on a first come, first served basis.

Vending Policy

  • Vending segments are approximately 8 feet in length and 10 feet deep.  Each segment comes with use of a front table, back table and two folding chairs. 
  • Segments may be purchased for $125 per segment.  This includes Friday night and Saturday night.  Vendor fees are non-refundable.
    • Platinum sponsors are entitled to 2 connected segments
    • Gold sponsors are entitled to 1 segment
    • Based on available space at the time of sponsorship confirmation. 
  • Sponsors must confirm they wish to use this space.  Unless you see your company on the vendor list, you are not yet confirmed for space.
  • You may request space based on your preference, however we reserve the right to position vendors to allow maximum participation.  
  • You must deliver your vending payment prior to being confirmed as a vendor. 
  • Power is available, but you must bring an extension cord of up to 100 feet and power is shared in the vending area.  Bring a power strip for sharing.
  • Electing not to use the provided tables/chairs does not entitle vendors to a discount on their space.
  • You may not encroach on other segments.  You can set up your vending space to your preference, but it is your responsibility to secure enough space so that your setup and foot traffic does not encroach on neighboring vendor space or other reserved areas (such as the presentation area).   
  • You may only occupy your space during "flea market" hours listed on the event schedule.  One hour before and one hour after posted flea market hours are permitted for the purposes of setup and tear down onlyAnyone who conducts sales outside of the vending area and/or outside of these hours will be asked to vacate the grounds and will not be invited to future events.
  • Your space will be labeled with a paper sign and your name, you will be responsible for finding it and setting up your area.
  • You must tear down and vacate Spangler Arena by 9pm on Saturday evening. 
  • Items vended should be appropriate for the event atmosphere.  This is at the sole discretion of the organizers.  If you feel your product may not be considered appropriate, we encourage you to discuss with the organizers before arrival.
  • We do not provide security for the event.  You may leave your station set up and we do lock the Arena overnight, but any loss of theft is at your risk.

Spangler Arena Setup

To give you an idea of the environment we have prepared the graphic below.  This diagram is not exactly to scale.  Measurements are approximate and we reserve the right to adjust layout/placement as needed due to unexpected changes, weather, etc. 

Vendors set up along the wall on the bottom, in front of the large doors.  The large doors roll up like garage doors to allow access into the area.  You can use these to load in/out and you may park one (1) vehicle on the grass outside the doors if space permits without blocking the flow of traffic. 

A large concrete slab runs down most of the vendor side of Spangler.  The rest of the floor in Spangler is dirt.  Foot traffic through the arena tends to kick up some dust.  When not active, we suggest you cover your area to prevent dust from settling on your items. 

Spangler is locked at 9pm daily, however it is open most of the day and the area is not considered secure.  We suggest you tear down and stow valuable equipment, merchandise and money each day.  You may elect not to, but the risk of loss is solely your own.

Spangler Arena is not air conditioned!  We suggest that you bring a fan or two in case it is hot.  We reserve the right to open the overhead doors on both sides to promote ventilation and cool the arena, please secure any banners in a way that will not prevent this and ensure your area is secured against a wind or breeze blowing through.

Spangler has both a men's bathroom and women's bathroom.

The food area is located very nearby out the front (pictured on the left) doors.  It should be easy to run and get some food from the food vendors.  Food service is not included in the vendor fees.

In the center of the vending area is a reserved projection zone.  Your area should not encroach on this space.  It may be open when you arrive, but it is reserved for use.  If you are in this area, you will be asked to relocate.

Wifi is available on the grounds, although not guaranteed.  It is an additional cost paid directly to the service provider.  If you have your own data plan, we suggest you use that for running your computers, PayPal here, Square, etc.

Power is available along the vending area wall and is shared.  Please plan on bringing an extension cord if you require power.

Spangler Layout