MWGB Brand Licensing

Updated 2/24/2015

Use of the Mascots, Midwest Geobash name, logos and abbreviations, or references to Midwest Geobash property such at the website is not permitted for commercial purposes without an explicit license granted by Midwest Geobash, Inc.

Use of the the above is permitted on non-commercial personal-use items.  Donation of samples is suggested, not required.

The following policies apply to the use of trade/service marks of the event and the Midwest Geobash, Inc.

  • The name, abbreviation, website, logo, and mascots of MWGB are all considered trademarks
  • Permission must be sought and documented for any use of the trademarks (personal or commercial)
  • We reserve the right to refuse any request which we feel will negatively impact the viability or atmosphere we are trying to build/promote with the MWGB.
  • Items to be used for commercial purposes require paid licensing
    • Payment is $.50 per item, with a 500 unit minimum ($250)
    • Note:  Platinum sponsors are granted a non-transferrable commercial use license for all marks except the Mascots
  • Designs of items must be submitted for approval to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to production
  • Samples of each version/type of the item are requested to use as prizes, in the silent auction, etc. and will also be included in our “Swag Museum” which will be on display each year at the event.
  • Items to be used for non-commercial purposes are permitted without licensing fee, but must still adhere to the review/samples policies.
    • NOTE: Use of the mascot(s) is permitted on non-commercial items only but must adhere to the review policy.
  • Pathtags customers:  We have an agreement with  They evaluate MWGB themed tags for us.  If you are placing your order at you do not need to submit your design to us for approval.

Once approved, we will provide you an email approval which documents your status and our agreement. This email can be used as proof of permission at places which require this for copyrighted content.

This licensing policy is designed to preserve the atmosphere of the event as well as preserve our ability to use the name, abbreviation, mascots, and other service/trade marks for the MWGB event for fundraising purposes. Our policies are designed to enable individuals/companies to participate and contribute in a manner that is consistent and proportional to their benefit derived from the use of our service marks.