WiFi Service

Cellular and Data services have improved a lot over the years at Fulton County fairgrounds.

WiFi is provided at the Fulton County Fairgrounds by opening your browser, finding the access point, connecting and then opening a browser.  The first time you open a browser, you will be taken to a registration/payment screen.  Access is $4.95 per day or $14.95 per week.  Service is not provided by MWGB and any issues with getting on the service or while using the service should be addressed to the service provider.

WiFi is available at most hotels and according to the website wififreehotspot.com you can also find WiFi at these local businesses:

Red Rambler Coffee - 1493 N Shoop Ave - 419 335 2000
Dairy Queen - 1489 N Shoop Ave - 419 335 0082
McDonald's - 1375 N Shoop Ave